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Collecting blockchain data is no easy task. As DeFi researchers, we've spent countless hours building infrastructure that would allow us to get the data we need for a specific application: generating ABI bindings with Typechain or abigen, building the application logic for fetching historical data, transforming and parsing the raw call results, filtering logs, creating SQL tables for saving that data...

We've built apollo to change and simplify all that. With apollo, you can query, filter, transform and save EVM chaindata based on a schema (more on that later). When we talk about chaindata, what we mean is one of the following things:

  • Contract methods
  • Events
  • Transactions
  • Native Balances

apollo has 2 main modes:

  • Historical mode: ideal for fetching historical data and building datasets. Based on a specified time range, apollo will process your schema with these historical states, and build up big datasets in no time.
  • Real-time mode: apollo can also work in real-time. For methods and balances this would mean querying the latest state every x seconds, which could be useful for dashboards or other time-sensitive products. For events and transactions, we provide real-time feeds which can be used for alerts, mempool monitoring, and anything else you can come up with.

For now, apollo only works with EVM-based chains. This will change in the future.